Windows To The Soul

Deep Connection, Clear Seeing – Discover The Power Behind Your Eyes

 The eyes ‘are the windows to the soul’.

When we gaze deeply into the eyes of another person, we can see beyond their physical body and personality into their essence. It is a wonderful way to connect at the soul level.

We will be exploring different kinds of vision in such a way that you may experience a deeper connection to your own centre and to the soul of others.

We will alternate between times of ‘darkness’ (‘not seeing’ with the eyes) and being in light – removing veils of apparent separation through becoming more receptive. This can bring you into a sense of resting back into your true nature – with expanded and deeply relaxing states of consciousness that bring in-sight and centering.

    ” The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes ”  –  Proust

During the weekend you will :

  • Dissolve excess mental energy – relax into your body, open the heart and quiet the chatter in your mind
  • Rest and rejuvenate the eyes using breath, touch, periods in darkness and different kinds of vision
  • See yourself – in a new way. You may have a fresh vision of life and its possibilities.


  • See others deeply – acknowledging both the human struggle and their luminous, sparkling spirit
  • Feel deeply seen and held by others in a way that melts tensions, fosters trust and inspires
  • Soften the layers around the heart and come to your loving essence
  • Refresh your spirits, sense joy and well being sourced deep within


The practices this weekend can help improve :

  • Your relationships
  • Intimacy with your partner
  • Intimacy with the divine and the world around you
  • Your communication
  • Your level of understanding and compassion (for yourself and others)


After the weekend you will :


  • be inspired, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • feel more peaceful and at home in yourself
  • have simple methods that you can continue to use in daily life….


” The open flash of seeing not only reveals new things, it takes us into a different dimension of time. We enter into the present tense so fully that it feels as though all time stops. The present moment is just ‘it’. We find this quality of being in the here and now enormously refreshing. We can slide out of our personal history and find our Beingness – a returning to the source.”   Nishant Mathews, Therapist

Windows To
THE Soul

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What People Say

“Judgement stripped down – appreciation of others realised, kindness results – you become an altogether deeper, kinder person as you connect more with yourself and others. You end up refreshed and liberated.”

Taner, lawyer

The time in Darkness has been unbelievably profound as well as, at times, extreme fun. The weekend exceeded all expectations. I recommend these workshops to all who are willing to move beyond the edge”   

Steve, artist

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