V.I.P. Darkness Experience

It may be that you want to have a deep dive Darkness Experience customised for you. We have some limited availability to come and create the Darkness Experience in your own home, or in some other exclusive, private venue.

This may be a good solution if you desire:

•    100% attention by us guiding and holding your process

 •    To maintain privacy and anonymity

 •    An unforgettable bespoke experience

•    The convenience of having us come to you

Private VIP Experiences with Suta & Jordi start at $2500 (plus our travel expenses) for a weekend experience which includes 24-40 hour continuous Darkness.

“ The eternal life I seek is not some time after time, some other place, but awareness of eternity in this moment and this place. What I crave is contact with the force that moves and shapes all there is or has been or will be. ”   –   Scott Russell Sanders

Suta, I want to learn more!

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‘Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everything!!! There were moments with you that had profound effects on me. Your clarity, respect, sensitivity and geniuses were wonderful gifts to me. I feel very fortunate to have met you.” 


“You are a great practitioner and I am in awe of the way you worked.”


“I really wish I could have discovered this earlier in my life. In the short time I have been working with you, you have made a huge different to my outlook and the way I view the world, so I am very grateful, thank you for all your help. Now I have started to make real progress I don’t want it to stop.”


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