We understand you only have so much time, energy and resources to give… and you need to focus on what’s really going to make a difference for your spiritual wellbeing and evolution right now. As well as our Retreats, you can choose from our introductory presentations and group taster sessions, individual mentoring / coaching packages and our bespoke VIP service.
Take the right program appropriate for the next stage of your personal and spiritual process:


The Darkness Taster

You are new to this and would like to learn more through a shorter Darkness Experience. Find out about our introductory group ‘Taster Sessions’ – informative and fun its the lighter side of Darkness!

1-to-1 Darkness coaching

You want ongoing support to help you make a shift in your life from the surface to the centre. Find out about 1-1 Coaching packages that integrate the benefits of Darkness and Meditation into your daily life.

V.I.P. Darkness Experience

You want a bespoke, private Darkness Experience -customised to your requirements and with the highest level of personal attention. A real luxury for your inner self!

“The blazing Dark held me in love and beauty – deeply nourishing, revealing, and an unexpected joy to find perfect, expansive freedom to be”


“This was one of the most powerfully nourishing workshop experiences Ive had in years – at many levels of being”


“Suta is a light being who has returned to this earth to help all beings find their way back home to the light of their highest potential. When teaching, he is full of wisdom, joy and enthusiasm.

He embodies the qualities of love, pleasure and celebration and supports people in discovering their bliss, moment to moment.”     

Ma Ananda Sarita, world renowned Tantra master

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