The Darkness Process:

A life changing immersion in Darkness to reveal your hidden treasures:
Deep Peace, vibrant Stillness, flowering Creativity & profound Insight

Experience 5 days of Exceptional Meditation Training & Spiritual Breakthroughs

 The next Darkness Process Retreat is happening from 13th to 17th March 2019 in Somerset, England

Equip yourself with the tools to transform your meditation practice and your life, forever

The Darkness Process is the first-ever 5 day Darkness Experience.

It’s for coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, therapists, experts, authors, visionaries and creatives

who want to live authentically, be free, help others and wake up unused potentials.

It’s an extraordinary five-day retreat that’s designed to help you achieve mental, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs while contributing to the evolution of consciousness through your way of being.

It’s an event that will help you experience deep spiritual openings, establish a new sense of connection to your Being, clarify your future path, and become part of a community of inspiring, heartful, and committed beings like yourself.

If you are committed to waking up to your essential nature, Darkness Process is for you

If you want to transform your spiritual practice, Darkness Process is for you

If you want to have exceptional guidance and support, Darkness Process is for you

If you want to become a more present, clear, peaceful person, Darkness Process is for you

If you are new to meditation, a part-time meditator, or an established meditator, Darkness Process is for you

Whatever stage of your meditation practice you’re at, if you have a desire to Awaken, a hunger to go deeper, a readiness to evolve and the willingness to let go and receive, then the Darkness Process is for you.

A Unique Process. Exceptional Techniques.

The carefully selected exercises and practices shared in the Darkness Process are all chosen for their capacity to deepen your experience and catalyse your consciousness. By the time you leave The Darkness Process, you will have a new outlook and solid foundation of wisdom practices you can continue using to

know what really matters to you

live more in line with your soul rather than your ego

let go and come to peace, stillness and clarity, anytime

and deepen your spiritual practice.

In other words, you’ll be ready to live in a way that is a more full and true expression of who you really are.

“ When you become friendly and comfortable with darkness, something very deep in you can relax, and fear dissolves. Darkness initiates you into the world of the night, into the world of dreams and the unknown….. Darkness has a tremendous power to nourish us, to settle us, to rejuvenate us. When you can allow outer darkness to enter you, it has the power to heal almost anything. ”     Arjuna Ardagh,  Spiritual teacher

Five ways Darkness Process will transform you 

1. Go deep within yourself

The Darkness Experience is designed to take you deeper than you have ever been before. To nurture you into the most present and loving self you can be, we’re going to take you deep within yourself. The Darkness will shift your personal mindset and the negative beliefs holding you back.

Going deep will allow you to build the foundation you need to elevate your practice and propel your consciousness to new heights.

2. Elevate your meditation practice

Segments of the Process are dedicated to helping you become a better meditator. Be introduced to the secrets of Darkness Meditation from an expert. You will learn powerful new meditation methods, new perspectives you can adopt, & deep transformational exercises.

A unique feature of this retreat is that your process never ends;  as long as you are in Darkness it is working on you – all day and all night you are going deeper. These are fertile conditions for the flowering of your consciousness!

3. Stabilise your spiritual practice

If you’ve ever struggled with Practice, shied away from discipline, or hesitated to really commit to a spiritual path then the Darkness Experience is going to give you the breakthrough you need.

Learn the mental attitudes you need to create an enjoyable, intuitive practice – from how to optimise your environment, to cultivating a felt sense of Presence and deepening Enquiry

We will show you how you can activate your powers of concentration, snap out of thought and get past your limiting beliefs and ‘shoulds’.

4. Be inspired by some of the finest teachings, music and poetry in the world

At the Darkness Process we share some of the very best teachings, music and poetry we have gathered from decades of exploration. In the heightened sensory perception stimulated by Darkness their resonance is soul-stirring and impact even greater.

5. Join a group of brilliant beings

At Darkness Experience, you could be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the team guiding you. That is because we attract some amazing people. By the time you leave Darkness Experience you would be part of a community of wonderful, empathic, creative spirits just like you, who are eager to grow, share, and learn together.

“ Darkness has a silence and darkness has a depth. And darkness has peace, and darkness takes away all your knowledge, takes away everything that you thought belonged to you. It leads you absolutely into the unknown and into the mysterious. ”    Osho,  Enlightened mystic

“In this life we are given two things that are purely our own to use: attention and time. Reclaim these two spiritual treasures.

Master time and attention, and you stand at the doorway to the divine. Step through the portal and behold your Essential Self.”

Guy Finley

“In darkness we encounter God in a way that is unnamed, formless, and beyond ordinary comprehension. At the heart of the human experience is beauty that is immense, mysterious and universal.”

Paul Coutinho

“(In Darkness Retreat) you touch your essence, the source of your being. You find out who you truly are beyond your ego-personality. You have a taste of freedom, beyond what others want you to be.”

Margot Anand

“Now is the time to let go of the past, still our minds, and quiet our souls. Now is the time to open our inner eyes to the blank canvas of darkness and dream in a new world.”   

Anodea Judith

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