The Darkness Experience

In just 3 days, with no light, less stuff and zero stress you can Discover the wonder of Inner Space, Enter Deep And Rested Knowing and Learn to See in a new way.

Spending time in darkness is a powerful and ancient method to access your deep wisdom, tap into clarity and profound relaxation …and taste the Divine!

The pace of modern life can be hectic! And oh-so-many demands to juggle! A lot of people are stressed, drained or overwhelmed. Many people have a yearning to Be, just simply BE. Wouldn’t it be great if there way a way to just ’Stop the world’?

The Darkness Experience weekend retreat can fulfill this longing.
It opens the way for you to remember what its like to have meaningful, quality time to reconnect with the deeper parts of you and to enter into a limitless space within.

The Darkness effect is created by using special blindfolds that are designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods. They enable you to have your eyes open and yet be ‘in darkness’.

Whilst being ‘in Darkness’ you rest, meditate, dance, dress, eat & sleep…. all without seeing!

The longer you stay in Darkness the deeper the effect – on many levels of mind, body, emotion & spirit – all at the same time!

What Happens?

During the Darkness Experience you will spend 24 hours in rest, meditation, dancing ,eating & sleeping …. without seeing! The Darkness effect is created by using special blindfolds that are designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods. They enable you to have your eyes open and yet be ‘in darkness’. We have found that using blindfolds enables participants to experience Darkness in different locations and even be outdoors.

Throughout the weekend you receive guidance by a highly experienced facilitator who knows how to create the optimum conditions to connect with your inner soul space and refresh your sense of what really matters.

The Retreat Includes:

  • Listening to exquisitely beautiful and emotive music,
  • Learning meditations from Buddhism, Sufism, Tantra, Advaita and Osho
  • Having time to practice and refine these powerful methods
  • Receiving inspiration through powerful and uplifting poetry and spiritual teachings
  • Unstructured ‘open space’ for rest and sleep, or whatever feels most nourishing to you in the moment.

The program is adapted to the energy and needs of each particular group so it could also include :

Personal sharing, Communication exercises, spiritual enquiry,

Fun games that build intuition and group bonding

Breathwork to and release stress, energise and inspire!

Trancedance to free the body and access visionary states

…………….     All whilst the Darkness works its own transformative magic on your body heart mind and soul.

This Darkness Experience can help you:

•   Ease up on too much thinking: its like a mental detox! What if, you could begin to experience a quietening of the usual endless chatter in the mind and rest in the gap, the space between thoughts!?

And even if it seems challenging now, once you’ve had a break from using electronic screens and devices for a time – you will be so glad to have ‘unplugged’.

•   Enjoy deep rest for your tired body and stressed mind: Just imagine, you are being taken care of, there are no demands  and you let go into profound relaxation. You will probably sleep more deeply than in a long time. Aaah …Such a great relief!

•   Shift from doing-doing-doing to the ease of Being: What if, you could feel a warm satisfying glow of aliveness deep inside sending tingles all around your body – without you having to do anything!? Mmmm…..

•   Awaken the senses –  just imagine, your sense of touch is greatly enhanced, hearing is heightens, even tasting and smelling become more rich ……Wow!

•   Shift from feeling time as a ‘pressure’ (and you never have enough of it) to a sense of time expanding and opening out, into a Timelessness that feels so spacious and free.

•   Come to a different perspective on your self, your habits and ‘problems’. You’ll learn to see in a new way.

•   Connect with your Soul – and refresh your sense of what really matters in life. Its so easy to get lost in the details of everyday life, living more on the surface – which leaves you with a hollow feeling. What if, you plugged into your Deep And Real Knowing so that you could listen to its guidance, align your values and live more in tune with who you really are!?

The Darkness Experience allows you to quickly experience the many benefits of Meditation whether you are new to meditation altogether, are rekindling your practice, or have a longstanding practice. This is your  opportunity to experience a uniquely powerful, yet gentle approach to personal evolution and spiritual awakening.

Although the atmosphere is meditative people are often surprised by how much fun it can be to go through such a novel experience together and a unique sense of intimacy develops.

You will emerge lighter, yet more grounded, on Sunday night than you were when you arrived.

“In darkness I remember that it is not knowledge to which we most deeply belong but mystery, and I sense in its mystery a beauty that exceeds even the great and notable beauties of the daylit world.”  – John Daniel

The Darkness Experience –

Illumination is Within.

“The blazing Dark held me in love and beauty – deeply nourishing, revealing, and an unexpected joy to find perfect, expansive freedom to be”


“This was one of the most powerfully nourishing workshop experiences Ive had in years – at many levels of being”


“I feel that Spirit brought me to the Darkness Experience. I had such a deep, luxuriant, restful and nourishing experience. I loved the sense of timelessness and that I could experience this at the pace it needed to unfold. The retreat brought a sense of peace, harmony and optimism about the future. I would recommend the Darkness Experience to others.”


“The Darkness Experience is a beautiful ‘mixed bag’! It helped me drop into deeper surrender and deeper meditation. I gained insights into myself and Life.”


“This was my first time. We chose to attend with a reputable teacher to ‘break me in’. Im used to hardcore vipassana retreats – this was different, lighter. We were well looked after and the experience was calming and safe. I really enjoyed the meditations and breathwork. It helped me gain clarity regarding my goals for the year. I would certainly recommend the Darkness Experience to others.”


“I was ready for a challenge. I was anticipating being bored, restless, faced with difficult emotions and dark corners of my soul. Instead it was a deep feeling of ease, rest and peace. I was Home, and I liked myself! What an amazing gift to receive! After 24 hours in the Darkness I felt as if I had been on a long holiday – rested, renewed and revitalised, and most importantly, connected to myself. So simple and so profound. Thank you for this experience “

Anastasia, healer

“It was a time out of time, no fears, no questions, no judgment, no thoughts, all was different : just peace, presence, a time for slowing down everything : meditating, listening, hearing, moving, touching, tasting in a different way, more deeply. I really enjoyed being in the dark. I appreciated feeling connected with myself, in presence with all my senses, feeling complete in the present moment. It was like feeling back home in my body. I had the feeling I’ve been touching my soul.”


“There was a lot of stress in my life before the Darkness Experience. During the retreat I could slow down and it was a moving and joyful experience. The non-judgemental atmosphere enabled me to reconnect with my body and emotions. It is structured so well – the choice of material and the balance between the various is a beautiful workshop.”


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