Soulmate Tantra Training for Couples

“Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centres can start meeting. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates. It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.” – Osho

Tantra is the science of unraveling the mystery posed by the phenomenon of love and relating. It is the art of discovering the nectar contained in the meeting of polarities. Sexual union is a doorway provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. The science and art of Tantra offers a multitude of methods to open that doorway with sensitivity and intelligence, creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love and connection.

The theme of Level 1 is Intimacy. We experience this through a deep cleansing of stagnant patterns of your relationship, opening the heart to receptivity, conscious communication, sexual de-conditioning and healing, deepening in intimacy with you partner, expanding your pleasure potential, and experiencing sacred sexuality in a safe and held space.

The dynamics inside the group room include Tantra meditations, therapeutic exercises, massage, dance, sharing circles, celebration, emotional release, sacred ritual, communication techniques, and energy work. In addition, every day as part of the group structure, each couple goes to the privacy of their bedroom for experiential Tantra meditations which include deep sexual union. There is also private support for couples and individuals if needed.

This training provokes powerful transformation, a deepening of love and consciousness, and healing in yourself as an individual and in your relationship. Although there are occasions when the group comes together as a whole for a particular exercise, the majority of the time you will be working with your own partner on your own private “temple” space within the group room. As we move forward together, an alchemy of love begins to flower.

The Soulmate Training is designed to give you time in-between groups to experiment with the various methods offered in each level. These methods are taught in a sequential order, offering a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual ecstasy, expanding love and awakening consciousness. After completing each group lovers practice a series of meditations at home and can then choose whether to continue on to the next level. Each of the 7-levels of the training is booked one at a time. The guideline is simple: follow your bliss!

The 7-level Soulmate Training was co-created by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita. It is a sacred transmission which jumps like a flame from heart to heart.

The Facilitators :

Suta has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and travelled widely, leading workshops and trainings in 15 countries. He also offers transformational coaching to individuals and couples. He is known for his friendly and down-to-earth approach, as well as being highly knowledgeable about the healing power of Darkness and hugely experienced in Tantra, Meditation and sacred sexuality.
Through his compassion and sensitivity people feel seen and recognised, both in their struggles and in their magnificent potential. He helps people remember their essential nature and enjoy more fulfilling intimacy.

Ma Prem Tanmaya, from Austria, studied as an actress and singer, fell in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities and has studied extensively with Sarita for 6 years, completing Sarita’s Tantra Essence Teacher Training and co-teaching Tantra Groups with Sarita, Anahata and other teachers all over the world. Tanmaya invites her students to blossom in bliss, love and meditation.

The group is in English and translated into Czech.


Penzion Trautenberk, Studenec (close to Krkonose mountains), .Accomodation in private room (double bed) with own bathroom, wellness (sauna, jacuzzi), Nice garden around the venue plus woods nearby for walks.

Few weeks before the groups starts, we send out more detailed information about what to bring along and also how to get to the venue. It is located about 2-3 hours from Prague and there is a direct bus from Prague going there. So the best flight option is Prague airport.

Sometimes other Czech couples offer a lift to the internationals, however we cannt guarantee that. We always try to connect the couples and find an option for everyone however sometimes it just is not possible. But good to know that the bus is always there as an option.


Accomodation and food (vegetarian with vegan option) – 9.200,- CZK per couple (aprox. 25,5 CZK = 1 EUR)
Course fee is 22.000,- CZK per couple (aprox. 25,5 CZK = 1 EUR).

To guarantee your place at the group, we need you to send deposit of 8000 CZK or 300 EUR .

if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Peter at:
Email: , Tel: +420 603 486 867

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