Darkness Retreats

Stop Overwhelm and Get Centered while Enjoying Total Rest & Effortless Meditation


You may be surprised that spending time in Darkness is an effective, profound, beautiful way to experience the inner light of your Essence, or Soul. When we truly allow ourselves to slow down, become quiet and relax deeply within, we can more easily discover or reconnect to that Inner Space.

You enter Darkness by wearing a comfortable, special blindfold. We remove all the usual stuff that keeps you busy and distracted in your day to day life, and guide you to rest deeply into an inner space.

We’ve developed these Retreats to meet you where you’re at and help you let go, open up your inner space and rest you deeper into enjoying that, and loving that ….step by step.

The Darkness ExPerience

An extraordinary weekend retreat to receive the gifts of Darkness – deeply touching your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

The Darkness Process

A life changing journey! Full immersion into Darkness to reveal your hidden treasures and Come Home within – deep Peace, vibrant Stillness, flowering Creativity, profound Insight.

Upcoming Retreats

Our approach embraces your spiritual nature and focuses on cultivating awareness and aligning with your Deep And Rested Knowing, your inner wisdom, in a way that supports healing and insight. You can go deep, fast when you have no distractions and when you are supported to focus on the Essential. As any stress and overwhelm fades you’ll become more centered, get grounded in your body and your energy restores. This ‘timeless time’ helps you both focus AND relax so you can make decisions from a deep inner guidance.

This activates a process that is magical and mysterious – and filled with awe and wonder.

This can be the foundation for a powerful shift in how we live our lives – as you feel inspired to take the next steps to achieve what the heart and soul is calling out for.

These retreats are the result of years of experience designing and delivering high quality transformational workshops and trainings, infused with a passion to share this extraordinary method and its benefits more widely. We draw on years of experience practising and teaching Tantra, to infuse the journey with a subtle hint of sensuality and playfulness, whilst maintaining rigour and impact.

We aim to provide a safe space to support you diving deep into your inner space, awakening consciousness and emerging at the end of the Experience with a feeling of having rested very deeply, mentally and physically. And we mean Deeeeply!



“This was my first time. We chose to attend with a reputable teacher to ‘break me in’. Im used to hardcore vipassana retreats – this was different, lighter. We were well looked after and the experience was calming and safe. I really enjoyed the meditations and breathwork. It helped me gain clarity regarding my goals for the year. I would certainly recommend the Darkness Experience to others.”


“ It was deeply powerful & transformative for me. I feel so much ‘lighter’ & more determined. It did indeed go very, very deep”


“The workshop was such a profound, deepening process for me.  I feel I am finally coming home!”


“I was not prepared for the sense of real awakening that I felt during those 2 days. The joy was tangible. The feeling of support, love and affection was overwhelming and completely what I needed to move myself forward.”


“Thanks for a wonderfully nourishing, growthful and truly lovely weekend.”


“Thanks again for a brilliant weekend – it’s certainly helping me in my current relationship. I feel more ready and able to enjoy a nourishing experience with someone – to feel more intimate and connected.”


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