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What is a Darkness Experience?   (And why do I need to do them?)

The Darkness effect is created by using special blindfolds that are designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods. They enable you to have your eyes open and yet be ‘in darkness’! Using these blindfolds enables participants to experience Darkness in different locations and even be outdoors!

A Darkness Experience takes you out of your daily routines, with all its habits and demands,  and reorients you to a world without images; opening up your Inner Space & returning you gently to your Essential Nature.

Imagine, how exciting would it be to experience life from this totally different perspective? Whilst being ‘in Darkness’ you get the chance to rest, meditate, dance, dress, eat & sleep…. all without seeing!

The longer you stay in Darkness the deeper the effect – on many levels of mind, body, emotion & spirit – all at the same time!

There is a long history, worldwide, of spiritual practitioners immersing themselves in Darkness to receive its hidden treasures. In Buddhist and Shamanic traditions it was generally considered to be quite an advanced initiation. Typically other Darkness retreats are undertaken alone in a pitch black room often with a minimum of food. Whilst this is undoubtedly a powerful experience it can be very challenging. We believe that it is unnecessarily austere and a confrontation with one’s own mind that is too strong for most people.

We are spearheading the development of a style of Darkness experience that is…

Accessible, yet infused with the sacred,

Timeless, yet perfect for 21st century life

Soft and pleasurable, yet transformative

In our Darkness ‘menu’ we have Experiences that can be as short as a 1 minute ‘glimpse’ practice during introductory sessions, all the way to luxuriating in longer immersions, of upto 72 hours continuous Darkness, on our life-changing residential retreats.

What makes this so special?

Together we prepare you to enter your Darkness Experience with confidence, curiosity and clear intent. Any fears usually quickly fade as you begin to settle into the Darkness. You may find it  to be a warm, welcoming space; like a velvety womb, full of creative possibilities, vast depth and endless Mystery.

The Darkness Experience becomes an extraordinary journey! 

As you relax into the Darkness, an invisible landscape emerges, composed of extraordinary texture and sparkling sounds …even the air seems animated by enervating scents and subtle caresses.

In stillness you enter the wonder of inner space, the mind chatter quietens and youll find meditation naturally becomes deep, rich and effortless.

Moving around without seeing becomes an exploration of your world through the senses of feeling, touch, & sound. Eating and drinking reveals whole new dimensions of smell and taste.

Everything has been carefully designed to help you relax into simply Being.

Resting the eyes you learn to see in a new way.

Resting the body you move into a vibrant Stillness.

Resting the mind you know peace with yourself.

Although the emphasis is on your deep inner connection, as much as possible in our time together, interaction with the other participants can be an important part of the process.

Conversation …laughter …. silence – all take on new resonance as the hearing and feeling senses become more alive and you share in the experience of being ‘sightless’. From this common ground trust builds, along with a natural sense of camaraderie and intimacy in the group.

People start to connect with a freshness and innocence – without seeing or being seen in the usual way most people feel greatly relieved and able to be more authentic. It feels so liberating!

This creates a “energyfield” of healing like nothing else, as each member reflects and calls forth the very best in one another.

Plus, it has its fun moments!

The Darkness Experience is for you if:

•   You sense that there are hidden treasures deep within you and you’re yearning to know this more intimately.

•   You’ve read or believe that you have a Soul or Spirit and you want to make this a real knowing through a living experience.

•   You have a feeling that something new is emerging in your life and you’re ready to make a space for it.

•   You want to connect with your Soul – and refresh your sense of what really matters in life.

•   Maybe life is a bit uninspiring of late and you know there’s more; you just need a reminder. Perhaps your boredom represents a hunger for deeper, moreauthentic experience.

•   You have a busy, demanding life, maybe it has become rather overwhelming and you need some real you time.

•   You’d love to spend less energy in endless busy-ness and enter into an ease and flow that is healing and rejuvenating. Darkness Experience is an oasis from your routine and is designed to get you to slow down & shift you from doing-doing-doing, to a deeeep relaxation into simply Being – in a way that is almost impossible in normal life.

•   You’ve heard about Darkness Retreats and want to check it out for yourself. You want to experience what Darkness is truly all about in its essence. You have a sense that this could really help you evolve and mature and take the next step in your life – whatever that may be.

•   You are open to experience a different way of being, so that you discover a different perspective on your self, your habits and ‘problems’. Being in the Dark will help you become more grounded in the present moment. This can reveal a more “up to date” sense of who you are —instead of just running on the same old stories – & it can be a great relief to dissolve misconceptions about oneself and others.

•   You are already well established on your spiritual path, you feel connected with your Soul or Essence, and you’re ready to go deeper …… much deeper – beyond the limitations of your current personal growth and spiritual practice.

•   As you read this, you feel a sense of ‘calling’, a resonance in your body, a ‘YES’ from your Being that compels or guides you to join us even if your mind doesn’t understand why.

This is NOT for you if:

•   You are not willing to be with yourself in a concentrated way.

•   You are taking regular medications or have current mental health problems

•   You are wanting to have a ‘quick grope’ in the dark. We are committed to upholding the beauty and purity of this method, which has a foundation in meditation. If you are coming with some other agenda, or are incapable of containing yourself – please stay away. Anyone behaving inappropriately (which has never happened yet) will be asked to leave.

By signing up you are claiming entry to a timeless time, free of the usual busyness and distractions so that you can truly let go, relax and go deep.

Right now, you can finally, really take a step to get off the hamster-wheel and make a powerful choice to evolve. The Darkness helps us come Home.


“I had been feeling a deep need for rest and a break from the overstimulation of work and the world. It was time for self care and nourishment! This retreat was profound, touching and insightful – the Darkness is a great teacher! Its vastness enfolded and embraced me. I loved the meditations and breath work, and just simply nesting in the darkness with poetry and beautiful music. It enabled me to befriend parts of myself that are usually neglected in the ‘more-ness’ of life. Yes to the Darkness Experience!!”

Gayatri, Coach

“There had been life changes in and around me prior to the Darkness Experience. I came because of a knowing. I really enjoyed being in the Darkness – it was wonderful and expansive! I would recommend the Darkness Experience to others.”

Sally,  Sound healer

“Its amazing how much you will rest and recharge – whilst having illuminating experiences and insights!” Jacqueline, Healer


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1-3rd   February
Tantric Breathwork
Osho Leela

13-17th February
Tantra in The Dark
Earth Spirit

8-10th March
The Darkness Experience
Earth Spirit

13-17th March
The Darkness Process
Earth Spirit


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