About You

Does this sound like you?

You are intelligent. You are creative. You value freedom, integrity and quality. You feel nourished by solitude and quiet times. And your dedication and focus have brought some track record of success.

Yet, you crave something more…

  • You are open to experience a different way of being, so that you discover a different perspective on your self, your habits and ‘problems’.
  • You are already well established on your spiritual path, you feel some connection with your Soul or Essence, and you’re ready to go deeper – much deeper.
  • You’re ready to move beyond the limitations of your current personal growth and spiritual practice – you want an approach that creates deep impact with innovation and softness.
  • You have a busy, demanding life, maybe its become rather overwhelming. You get exhausted and you need some real ‘you’ time. You know, deep down, that you are living at a pace that is not sustainable. You keep hoping for things to get better, but they almost never do.

You are in the right place.


The single biggest challenge you face as a spiritual seeker is that your desire to live a deep, meaningful, authentic life is so much stronger than that of anyone around you.

You want to go to a level which most people have no interest in, and live in a way that is a true expression of who you really are.


Our services will help you become more grounded in the present moment and centered in your Self. This can reveal a more “up to date” sense of who you are —instead of just running on the same old stories – & it can be a great relief to dissolve misconceptions about oneself and others.


Our Darkness Retreats are an oasis from your routine and is designed to get you to slow down & shift you from doing-doing-doing, to a deeeep relaxation into simply Being – in a way that is almost impossible in normal life.


I am an expert at guiding seekers from around the world to deeper levels of freedom, meaning and satisfaction.

And here’s what I know about you:

Despite your success—actually, because of it—doing more of what you’re already doing is not going to take you to your next level. In fact, the very qualities that have led to your current life could be precisely what holds you back.


What if you could be certain you were living the life that reflects your true nature, your essence?

If you crave a simpler life anchored by the priorities that matter most, lets connect:  Together we can find a way to eradicate the stuff that leaves your spirit drained, to stop doing what doesn’t matter, and start doing what does.


I have found that most people, even ‘spiritual people’, will work harder, try harder, take on more stuff – more projects and practices and to-do’s – yet for some things in life that way doesn’t really work.

How about trying …..less!?

Our approach here at the Darkness Experience is really different.

Through my work, I have found there is a soft, quiet power in slowing down, being quiet and getting comfortable in ‘less’ – and we know how to create exactly the right conditions for you to experience that.

In a short time with no light, less stuff and zero stress, you can go deep – fast!

But your life won’t simplify itself. You must claim it …..

Isn’t it time?



“Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter ”


Greg Mckeown, ‘Essentialism’

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