This is an invitation –

To you, who has a longing to Be,

and you, who is bearing a secret, hidden pearl

and those who have a sense of carrying burdens and weight from the world that is not yours.


this is a call.

A call to shift the dimension ……

from the world of form and light – the endless responsibilities, the serious dramas and frivolous play,

to create a little ‘Soulstime’.


Stop chasing the light!

Stop chasing ….



Enter Darkness.

The luminous dark.

Offer yourself to its velvet embrace,

and as all slows – mind-chatter, body rhythms, world clatter

and whilst the-you-that-you’re-used-to rests, deeply

Gestate in the Mystery. A Dreamtime alchemy.


Then perhaps you may merge with Grace,

recall you’re ever eternal face

reclaim your piece of infinity

and in slow rapture, return to the Soul.


From this gentle holding,

this masterfully being worked on,

You emerge

Refreshed, humbled, awed, deepened

Knowing what it is you really know

guided by the light within

to live anew, afresh, in flow

On purpose, unhooked, enlightened…..?


​Suta (2015)